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begin at the beginning - a thief and sharper of hearts discovers a secret world of monsters and the mad men who hunt them in 18th century london. the first in the absence of light novel - a four novel story of love, loss, vampires and the dark hearts of men.

the first in the company of shadows novel - dark taLes from the same world as in the absence of light.

When a castle in a remote 17th century german barony is attacked, the survivors must decide whether to run or stand. But their attackers are not maurading soldiers looking to rape and pillage.

They are something far worse.. And they have come for the baron's daughter....

Precious Things, - A dark tale of choice and consequence.

A In the Company of Shadows novella..

the five novel saga of hawker's drift, an epic struggle between good and evil in a small town a long way from anywhere on a road going nowhere., starts with the burden of souls

how much can a man sacrifice for the woman he loves? Jack Orford, trapped and alone in a place that cannot exist, is about to find out in the house of shells.

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