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In the Absence of Light

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In the Absence of Light

The road has brought him home.


Running from a broken heart and the hangman’s noose he followed the road across Europe; searching for happiness in a pretty girl’s smile, the turn of a card and the depths of a brandy glass. Instead, he became a womaniser, and then a thief living behind a charmer’s mask until, finally, the road ensnared him in insanity and murder.


It is 1708, the Age of The Enlightenment, and, in the shadow of the nearly completed St Paul’s Cathedral, Caleb Cade has returned to London a broken man; incapable of love and terrified of the grave, his only companion the half imagined ghost of his dead brother.


Haunted by his personal demons, he relives the events of his childhood that led to the death of the only friend he had ever known, and the fear that The King of the Winter is forever peering through the window, all cold of heart and sly of eye, waiting to take him down to damnation.


But whist one journey ends and another begins. He is befriended by a fellow libertine, Louis Defane, a strange man around which strange things seem to happen. A man with an insatiable appetite for all the pleasures of life, a man who can seemingly bend people’s will to his own, a man with sparkling blue January eyes and snow white hair.


A man who might not be a man at all…


In the Absence of Light, a dark, twisting tale of love, loss and vampires as a man destroyed by love struggles to be redeemed by it. The complete series, available now.



A must read if you like dark stories that are definitely well thought and intricately built


It is so well done that you can't help but read on to get all the pieces of the puzzle to try to figure Caleb out.


...intelligently weaves humour, fantasy, longing and history into an enjoyable read.


Loving this series! Many twists and turns, hard to put down.


What a great story. I was truly sad when I finished the fourth book, because I know it may be awhile before I find one quite like this again.


An extraordinary book.


Well written and although you pretty much think you see what's coming, you are totally surprised. Clever and attention holding the book goes from past to present - each chapter, but it keeps your interest - mainly because you are so engrossed in the story and want to know why Caleb is like he is and what happened to him.


Excellent. I rarely cry when reading a book, but I was a blubbering idiot at the end. I want more!!!!!