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The prologue to my first novel, The King of the Winter, which forms book one of the trilogy, In the Absence of Light; a dark tale of love, monsters, loss and redemption set during the Age of the Enlightenment.


Set two years before the main events of the book, it introduces the novel's central character, Caleb Cade, as he uses the anonymity of the Masquerade to seduce a beautiful Venetian noble woman. Caleb is a libertine, womaniser, thief, liar and a sharper of hearts who lives off his charm and his wits. He has been driven across Europe for twenty years, running from his past, but events in Venice will make him complete the grand circle of his debauched tour and return to London.


Where he will confront both his past and a dark world of mad men and monsters he never knew existed....

Its a cold, dark night, you must be chilled to the bone. Come, sit down, warm yourself by the fire. Comfortable? Good.  Why don't we pass away a while with a story. I know one or two, oh they're not long, just snippets really, titbits of longer tales, but enough, perhaps, to wet your appetite for more... be warned though, these are dark adult  tales and, no, not every bump in the night is caused by a ghost...

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Taken from my third novel, Ghosts in the Blood, this is a self-contained story in the form of a journal written by one of the protaganists of the story, William Lazziard, when he he was a young man.


The journal recounts the taking of the pirate ship Marietta-Anna by a English warship in 1677. However once the ship is captured and a young William Lazziard put aboard to sail the prize and the notorious pirate Cyrille Rochelle back to Jamaica, he soon finds pirates are not the most blood thirsty monsters on the high seas after all...

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An Interview with the main character from In The Absence of Light, Caleb Cade, where he discusses his life, loves and the dark world of vampires.


Previously published on the Book Whispers website.

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The opening chapter from my latest novel, The Burden of Souls.