in the absence of light

Caleb Cade is a thief, a liar and a womaniser, and when he isn't it's usually because he's too drunk to do anything else. He has spent twenty years running from his past only to find himself broken, friendless and haunted by his memories..

Returning to London because there is nowhere left to run he searches for the man he might have been, but instead finds himself inexorably drawn into a dark world of monsters, the mad men who hunt them and the realisation that his redemption may be found in a vampire’s embrace.

A dark, twisting tale of love, loss, vampires and the dark hearts of men, In the Absence of Light weaves a compelling portrait of a deeply flawed man with an absorbing tale of his life, loves, failings and the unknown world that exists in the shadows of the colourful, riotous, mayhem of 18th Century England.

Amazon Reviews

"...the story is still vivid in my mind and as haunting as Caleb's dreams...."

"...Excellent. I rarely cry when reading a book, but I was a blubbering idiot at the end."

"I have loved this series so much. Dark, gritty, and historical with a twist of paranormal and horror..."

"This man's discovery of a new facet to the world, just as he is trying to close the circle he has been on for two decades is wonderful. The back and forth from his youth to his present are so well done. best book I''ve read in a long time."

"....history, romance, mystery, paranormal and the gritty reality of 18th century london."

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