By andymonk, Sep 6 2017 11:16AM

Many apologies to anyone who tried to subscribe to my mailing list in anticipation of receiving a copy of my new novella, The Burning, and never received an email to confirm subscription or anything else from me.

I'd set this up with Mailchimp, who are by far the biggest email marketing platform on the planet, unfortunately I didn’t realise that most of the major email providers now block email coming via Mailchimp from a free email account (such as the yahoo one I'd used for example) in order to reduce spam and scam emails. This took several frustrating days for me to work out. Days that I could have spent writing and editing! Now I've changed the email address I use on Mailchimp to my website email address it is working perfectly...

So, if you did try to get hold of a copy of The Burning, please accept my apologies, I wasn't ignoring you!

The system now works, so if you subscribe again, you will get a copy.

Unless there's anything else I've mucked up of course...

By andymonk, Aug 8 2017 04:09AM

If you enjoyed In the Absence of Light and would like to read more then you might be interested in one of my new projects - In the Company of Shadows an on-going collection of tales that will feature back stories, loose ends and spin offs from the the dark world of In the Absence of Light.

I'm making the first novella in the collection - The Burning - exclusively availabe and free to my email subscribers. Just follow the link below and subscribe to my email list to grab your copy.

Yes! Please send me a free copy of The Burning.

By andymonk, Aug 7 2017 10:55AM

Nope, not a special offer, but what's happened to the last Hawker's Drift novel.

The first draft is nearly finished (another two weeks I reckon), but as it's going to weigh in at around 270,000 words (yeah, I don't know where they all come from either) it's far too large to publish as a sngle novel. Therefore, A God of Many Tears will be the fourth in the series, with a fifth (and definately final) as yet untitled novel coming out a couple of months later.

I usually write by the seat of my pants, but I've now plotted out the final chapters to ensure I don't throw anything else into the mix , the kitchen sink has already gone in, and end up spawning another book. As much as I love all the characters, it's time to say goodbye and move on to other projects

On a personal note, I'm back in hospital tomorrow to sort out the remaining problems from the rogue gallstone that kept me horizontal for a month earlier in the year. Still, accentuating the positive, it'll give me plenty of time to work on story lines....

By andymonk, Jun 7 2017 12:14PM

I've haven't had the best of times recently. I've just spent almost a month in hospital after a gallstone got itself lodged somewhere inconvenient and then I suffered some quite serious complications after it was removed. At one point I had nine different tubes going into my body. Not at all fun.

Thankfully, I'm back home now and well on the mend, though I have some more surgery to look forward to later in the year.

Sadly, this has had a knock on effect on my writing and the publication of my next novel will probably be pushed back a bit, though I'm still hopeful of getting it out before Christmas.

On the plus side I don’t have to worry about losing some weight anymore – if you need to shed a few pounds I can recommend a perforated bowel and eating out of a intravenous bag for a fortnight!

Though a few more salads and a gym membership would be a bit less traumatic and involve far fewer needles!

By andymonk, Mar 17 2017 03:29AM

Time rolls on, doesn't it?

I have a little spreadsheet at work (the work that pays the mortgage) which I update first thing every morning. It ticks off the days till I can take my modest pension and tell the powers that be where they can stick their job. When I started it I had around 2200 days to go. Now I'm down to 1398. Sad, I suppose, to tick away your days, especially when you get to my over ripe age and almost certainly have more behind you than in front of you.

Still, I look it as 1398 days until I can do something I love full time, rather than just being a small and futile cog in a big wheel that will grind on with or without me. Untill then, the writing comes in fits and starts and stolen moments which means it's a much slower process than I'd like. Or a more rushed one.. If I had all that time I crave and could spend my days writing rather than watching the clock would I publish more books or just better ones? I dunno. Guess I'll find out in 1398 days...

In some what less than 1398 days my next novel will be out - the final Hawker's Drift novel, A God of Many Tears should be published in the autumn.

And here's the cover!

It’s proving a tough one to write as I try and tie up all the loose ends I’ve scattered gaily throughout the first three novels, but, like my spreadsheet at work, I’m slowly getting there.

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