By andymonk, Nov 5 2019 01:52PM

Red Company is now out in eBook format and the paperback version is winging its way to a bookstore near you (well, ok, it's on Amazon).

This is a faster paced more action priented story than any of my previous books and it's the first not to have any significant romance element either - the characters are far too busy trying to stay alive to have any time for that kind of malarky (as a certain clown of my acquaintance might say)..

I'm pleased with it and my fingers are crossed that readers will be too. I do hope so, I have more planned to follow this one!

By andymonk, Oct 5 2019 04:00AM

Don't forget The Burning & A House of the Dead, two novellas linked to my new novel, Red Company, are free and available to all. Just sign up on the home page of my website and they're all yours!

By andymonk, Oct 3 2019 04:30PM

My new novel, Red Company, will be out on 26 Oct 2019 and is available to pre-order from today.

This is a dark and bloody tale of betrayal and survivival set during the horrors of the Thirty Years War (the first half of the 17th Century). This the first novel under the banner of In the Company of Shadows, which will be a series of vampire novels and short stories, some linked, some standalone, set in various time periods within the same universe as In the Absence of Light.

Its faster paced and more action orientated than most of my earlier books and I'm looking forward (I think!) to seeing what people think of it.

Fingers and other bits crossed!

By andymonk, Sep 2 2019 09:21AM

A new In the Company of Shadows novella will be going out to my mailing list next week! It's been a while since I've been able to publish anything, so it's great to be getting back on track after a pretty traumatic 18 months that's greatly curtailed my writing.

A House of the Dead will sit between The Burning and my forthcoming novel, though all can be enjoyed (hopefully!) as standalone stories. A House of the Dead will also feature details of the new novel, which I'm hoping to publish by the end of October.

Fingers very much crossed, I'm hoping that they'll be a lot more to come in 2020!

By andymonk, Jul 9 2019 08:40PM

My next novel is now finished and I hope to publish it in October, depending on how the final editing goes. Despite having quit work a year ago to write full time, most of my days seem to fill effortlessly with other things - renovating a cottage is a lot more time intensive than I'd thought. It's not in my nature to be an optimist, but nine months into the work it's almost, almost, almost finished! Then, finally, I'll have huge chunks of time to fritter away as I choose. Mostly, I'll be spending the time down the pub, but I might be able to squeeze a little more writing into that demanding schedule...

If all goes to plan I'll have another free novella available through the website, which will follow on from The Burning and link in to the new novel. I have two other novellas that I intend to now publish as a novel once I write the third part. I also have a couple of other novellas that I may save for a future collection or for some other dark purpose that may yet pop into my head.

Of course, that's the plan....

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