Brave New Year!

By andymonk, Jan 1 2018 02:30PM

Here's hoping 2018 has a little more peace, love and understanding than recent years. Probably a somewhat wishful hope given the state of our poor blighted little world. Thanks to a perforated bowel and a whole host of miscreant infections, 2017 came pretty close to being my last year, so I'd like to add good health to the new year wish list and I've been busy down the gym already over the last few months trying to make good on that promise to myself. Not sure the gluttonous Christmas I enjoyed helped so much though...

I can't do much about world peace and good health I only have marginal control of, however, one thing that is in power is to write more books! And that's a resolution I can deliver straight away as Hollow Places, the final Hawker's Drift novel, will be published on 18 Feb 2018 and is available to pre-order now!

Happy New Year folks!

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