Here We Go Again

By andymonk, Mar 17 2017 03:29AM

Time rolls on, doesn't it?

I have a little spreadsheet at work (the work that pays the mortgage) which I update first thing every morning. It ticks off the days till I can take my modest pension and tell the powers that be where they can stick their job. When I started it I had around 2200 days to go. Now I'm down to 1398. Sad, I suppose, to tick away your days, especially when you get to my over ripe age and almost certainly have more behind you than in front of you.

Still, I look it as 1398 days until I can do something I love full time, rather than just being a small and futile cog in a big wheel that will grind on with or without me. Untill then, the writing comes in fits and starts and stolen moments which means it's a much slower process than I'd like. Or a more rushed one.. If I had all that time I crave and could spend my days writing rather than watching the clock would I publish more books or just better ones? I dunno. Guess I'll find out in 1398 days...

In some what less than 1398 days my next novel will be out - the final Hawker's Drift novel, A God of Many Tears should be published in the autumn.

And here's the cover!

It’s proving a tough one to write as I try and tie up all the loose ends I’ve scattered gaily throughout the first three novels, but, like my spreadsheet at work, I’m slowly getting there.

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