Monkey Business!

By andymonk, Sep 6 2017 11:16AM

Many apologies to anyone who tried to subscribe to my mailing list in anticipation of receiving a copy of my new novella, The Burning, and never received an email to confirm subscription or anything else from me.

I'd set this up with Mailchimp, who are by far the biggest email marketing platform on the planet, unfortunately I didn’t realise that most of the major email providers now block email coming via Mailchimp from a free email account (such as the yahoo one I'd used for example) in order to reduce spam and scam emails. This took several frustrating days for me to work out. Days that I could have spent writing and editing! Now I've changed the email address I use on Mailchimp to my website email address it is working perfectly...

So, if you did try to get hold of a copy of The Burning, please accept my apologies, I wasn't ignoring you!

The system now works, so if you subscribe again, you will get a copy.

Unless there's anything else I've mucked up of course...

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