By andymonk, Jun 7 2017 12:14PM

I've haven't had the best of times recently. I've just spent almost a month in hospital after a gallstone got itself lodged somewhere inconvenient and then I suffered some quite serious complications after it was removed. At one point I had nine different tubes going into my body. Not at all fun.

Thankfully, I'm back home now and well on the mend, though I have some more surgery to look forward to later in the year.

Sadly, this has had a knock on effect on my writing and the publication of my next novel will probably be pushed back a bit, though I'm still hopeful of getting it out before Christmas.

On the plus side I don’t have to worry about losing some weight anymore – if you need to shed a few pounds I can recommend a perforated bowel and eating out of a intravenous bag for a fortnight!

Though a few more salads and a gym membership would be a bit less traumatic and involve far fewer needles!

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