Tempting Fate...

By andymonk, May 21 2019 10:26AM

It’s been a while. The last twelve months have been quite tumultuous for me. I quit my job, sold my house, moved out of London, bought a cottage by the seaside and renovated it, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and passed away and my partner’s father also died recently.

After being seriously ill in 2017, the idea of quitting my job and moving out of London was to allow me to write full-time and enjoy a quality of life that didn’t involve sitting behind a desk, staring at a clock and wishing large chunks of whatever remains of my life away. However, things haven’t worked out quite like that. We all know about mice and men, don’t we?

While I haven’t published anything since Hollow Places in the beginning of 2018, I have been able to do some writing here and there in between the moving, renovating, caring and grieving.

Without wanting to tempt that surly ol’ mistress Fate too much, I should be able to concentrate on writing from here on in and plan to publish at least two novels and one novella this year, along with another free novella for my email subscribers – not that I’ve been able to email anything for ages. Tardy!

All the stuff I have in the pipeline will fall under the banner of In the Company of Shadows, which will be an ongoing series of standalone stories, loosely connected to In the Absence of Light. I’m also working a fantasy noir novel, but I doubt that will be ready to publish until the ridiculously futuristic sounding 2020.

I have a list of other stuff I want to work through; paperback versions of In the Absence of Light, redesigning the covers for the Hawker’s Drift books, improving my website, getting a proper marketing strategy, working on building my e-mail list, doing something with Facebook other than moaning about its malign influence on society (that one’s quite ambitious)… plenty to keep me busy in other words. And that’s before we get on to the half a dozen novel ideas I’ve been kicking up and down the long grass for years.

It’s good to be back.

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