Things To Come

By andymonk, Jul 9 2019 08:40PM

My next novel is now finished and I hope to publish it in October, depending on how the final editing goes. Despite having quit work a year ago to write full time, most of my days seem to fill effortlessly with other things - renovating a cottage is a lot more time intensive than I'd thought. It's not in my nature to be an optimist, but nine months into the work it's almost, almost, almost finished! Then, finally, I'll have huge chunks of time to fritter away as I choose. Mostly, I'll be spending the time down the pub, but I might be able to squeeze a little more writing into that demanding schedule...

If all goes to plan I'll have another free novella available through the website, which will follow on from The Burning and link in to the new novel. I have two other novellas that I intend to now publish as a novel once I write the third part. I also have a couple of other novellas that I may save for a future collection or for some other dark purpose that may yet pop into my head.

Of course, that's the plan....

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