Two For One

By andymonk, Aug 7 2017 10:55AM

Nope, not a special offer, but what's happened to the last Hawker's Drift novel.

The first draft is nearly finished (another two weeks I reckon), but as it's going to weigh in at around 270,000 words (yeah, I don't know where they all come from either) it's far too large to publish as a sngle novel. Therefore, A God of Many Tears will be the fourth in the series, with a fifth (and definately final) as yet untitled novel coming out a couple of months later.

I usually write by the seat of my pants, but I've now plotted out the final chapters to ensure I don't throw anything else into the mix , the kitchen sink has already gone in, and end up spawning another book. As much as I love all the characters, it's time to say goodbye and move on to other projects

On a personal note, I'm back in hospital tomorrow to sort out the remaining problems from the rogue gallstone that kept me horizontal for a month earlier in the year. Still, accentuating the positive, it'll give me plenty of time to work on story lines....

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