By andymonk, Aug 8 2017 04:09AM

If you enjoyed In the Absence of Light and would like to read more then you might be interested in one of my new projects - In the Company of Shadows an on-going collection of tales that will feature back stories, loose ends and spin offs from the the dark world of In the Absence of Light.

I'm making the first novella in the collection - The Burning - exclusively availabe and free to my email subscribers. Just follow the link below and subscribe to my email list to grab your copy.

Yes! Please send me a free copy of The Burning.

By andymonk, Jun 13 2013 01:51PM

Just a couple of weeks to go till the final part on In the Absence of Light is published and, (t-dah!) the cover is below. I've dropped the word "for" from the title as I think The Love of Monsters fits the story better than the original For the Love of Monsters.

I'm pleased with the cover and the novel, though as with any book it’s hard to shake off the nagging doubt that just a little bit more work would make it even better. However, I’ve been working on In the Absence of Light for 12 years now, so I think it is high time to finally put it to bed and move on.

It will, therefore, definitely, be out on 1st July 2013!

By andymonk, Jun 9 2013 08:39PM

I've never been entirely happy with the cover for The King of the Winter, as it was my first stab at cover design and I was lumbered with having to use a photograph of this unphotogenic oik as the starting point (yes, it was a photo of me in case you were wondering).

Anyway, I'm going to do some promotional stuff for the series now that the final book is finished, so I wanted a slightly more professional look. It’s the same concept, just using a better photo as the foundation of the image.

The new cover is below and I'll be putting up the one for the latest book shortly.

By andymonk, Jun 4 2013 10:43PM

Haven't posted anything for a while, many apologies. I've been beavering away on the latest book, so I thought it best to spend my time finishing that. It’s only three months overdue after all.

Anyway... it's finished. Pretty much.

I'm just going through the laborious task of polishing and typo hunting, but its finished in terms of content. Part of the reason it’s taken so long is that I just wasn't happy with the ending, I think I've finally gotten there now and it’s time to put it to bed once and for all at last.

So, the final part of In The Absence of Light will be published on 1st July 2013. I need to sort out the cover and finish the editing - I'm sure there are still some of those pesky typos still to be hunted down and put to the sword, but a month should be more than enough time to do that.

I'll post the cover in a couple of weeks, I'm also having a slight rethink over the final title, though it won't be dramatically different from the one previously advertised.

Anyway, if you've been waiting for the final part, thank you for your patience and I hope the wait will prove to be worthwhile.

Stay tuned....

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